A Pado Loup

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A Pado Loup
Type of Symposion
Start 12th of August 2012
A Pado Loup12th of August 201222th of August 2012Beuil
End 22th of August 2012
Homepage: A Pado Loup Website
City: Beuil
State: Les Alpes Maritimes
Country: France
Workshops due: July

Self sustanable Hack&DIY festival from 12 to 22th August 2012 in Pado, 06470 Beuil, Alpes Maritimes. France.

- Howling at the moon 2012:

Come and leave the epicenters, quit your urban groves to join us in Pado, at 1600 m, during the storms season, at the territory of wolfs. For recovering from daily binding schedules, we want to avoid this summer having journeys divided into 7 sessions taking each 1 hour during the 7 days of the week, to privilege a matter that is highly rarefied: time. To help the gradual withdrawal, A Pado Loup Festival make a call to people wanting to propose and be part of a collective time around many projects ; to finish some others, engage new ones, and take the time to continue or rethink all those left fallow during the year. So no list of conferences in the program, but periods of workshops, meetings and discussions. The festival is expected to gradually find its natural shape and create a sort of constellation of flexible and interconnected workshops, which we have no idea the final organisational structure.