AppDev Hackathon

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AppDev Hackathon
Subevent of App Dev Conference
Type of Workshop
Start October 27, 2011
AppDev HackathonOctober 27, 2011October 27, 2011Santa Clara
End October 27, 2011
Homepage: AppDev Hackathon
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center
City: Santa Clara
State: CA
Country: Usa
Min Cost: Free
Max Cost: Free

App Dev Hackathon and Bootcamp takes place October 27, 2011, 9 am – 8 pm at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Not your traditional hack, the AppDev Hackathon and Bootcamp features hands on training classes on the latest technologies and trends that can help you build better apps. New and experienced developers will learn new skills, build mobile apps, compete for prizes, and most importantly — meet people and find teammates for new or current projects.