Arig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad

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Arig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad
Type of Workshop
Start 8/9/2012
Arig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad8/9/20128/10/2012Arad
End 8/10/2012
Homepage: Arad Hackathon, 2012
Venue: Zman Midbar
City: Arad
Country: Israel
Min Cost: 250 NIS
Max Cost: 250 NIS

Hello Arig'niks!

We're happy to announce that the Arig association (אָרִיג - קהילת רשת האריג בישראל) will be organizing our first hackathon, which will take place in the city of Arad on the weekend of the 9th of August.

We'll be enjoying the unique desert scenery of Arad to introduce, discuss, educate & develop theory and practice about the idea of using commodity WiFi gear to build city wide community-managed communication infrastructure.

The event will take place at Zman Midbar (זמן מדבר), A desert lodge, a few km away from Arad:

Who is invited? Everybody interested in learning, discussing or contributing in any way to building such a network.

More info can be found here:,_2012_-_Arad