Astronomy hacker space

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Astronomy hacker space
HackerSpace Logo Astronomy.png
Status active
Country Tunisia
State or District Tunis
City Tunis
Date of founding 2018/04/12
Last Updated 2018-09-17
Phone +21697496724 /+21652965763
Snail mail

B.P. 114
Rue La Cité des Sciences
1004-1082 Tunis

Number of members 11
Membership fee It costs about 10 dollar per month
Size of rooms 60 m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact
Location 36.847358, 10.189566

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Astronomy hacker space+21697496724 /+21652965763Http:// La Cité des Sciences1082TunisTunisia2018/04/12Astronomy hacker space3D Printer
Air Compressor
Antenna Analyzer
Wood Lathe
Electron Microscope
Vector Network Analyzer
Metal Lathe
CNC Plasma Cutter

We Are READY !!!


WE are a groupe of a highly motivated geeks, directed by Mr. Slim Zouaghia and Mr. Amjed Mouelhi. Our team includes technicians and ingenieurs from many fields (Electrical engeneering , mécanical engeneering , Computer science, chemistry , Design , Biology ... ) . Together, we create an envirement that helps us combine our skills , learn from each other and be IMPORTANTELY creative !!! That's why the idea of creating a plateform like HACKERSPACE is the optimum idea .


Well we work like this :

+ In groups + Starting with small projects + Prepare an article for each project included photos + The team members will work according to their availability for workshops and most the importante thing is NEVER FORGET TO HAVE FUN !!!!! Astronnomy HackerSpace has been created recently to support the efforts of City of Science in Tunisia and in particular astronomical society of Tunisia in encouraging the development of startups based on astronomy ideas. astronomical society of Tunisia is an ecosystem in which research and development projects are conducted ....

== Future achievements ?!


The hackerspace effectively started its activities since few months. Starting from January 2018, the most important achievements have been: . The development of four prototypes based on original ideas in the solair energy, astronomy telescope, Monitoring by radio, Sat cube industry

-. The establishment of partnerships with stakeholders from the local ecosystem to provide no cash support to the activities of the hackerspace.

== == What is the type of this space ?!

== ==

We are an IOT, astronomy,IA, hub working on everything related to Astronomy ,which combine all the necessary technologies such as : Embedded systems

Full stack web development Networking Security

Reverse engineering intélligence artificielle conception mécanique 3D biologie physique mathématique électronique optique Prototyping

== == What are the main steam projects ?

== ==

In the near future, the hackerspace will assist young entrepreneurs to develop prototypes of Smart City oriented solutions. The hackerspace will provide assistance to two teams of entrepreneurs (fresh graduated + students) in order to prototype the following ideas: -. Smart City monitoring platforms: The objective of the project is to deploy a set of sensors and implement a holistic monitoring platform that combines different data categories (e.g., temperature, free parking slots, number of people) to extract important information. To this end, an IoT

Application Programming Interface (API) will be developed to aggregate the data and unify their format. Moreover, a data analytics tool will allow advanced processing of the gathered data. -. Remote patient monitoring platform: The objective of this project is to develop an integrated platform for remote patient monitoring. It is based on a smart object held by the patient and a personal space on the cloud used to store the patient file. The smart object is used to collect monitoring information about the patient health and to authenticate to the cloud infrastructure. The doctor can check the patient data while this latter is physically present. This access is volatile in the sense that the doctor will not be able to view the data if the personal object is not plugged. -.The first satellite industry with our capabilities in tunisia -The first application astronomy in tunisia for penetrate the space

-Producing intelligent robots to monitor stars and record images through a system IA -Information is shared by specialists in programming, mechanics and biology in order to create intelligent vegetation so that they can live on other planets

 There is no real active hackerspace in Tunisia and in the arabic nation ,therefore of the existence of other Labs

Social entrepreneurship

Impact the society with the electronic economy idea ,to improve the technology matter to the Tunisian economy ,besides ,the media fact that reflect the needs of such a type of mini labs. Collaboration Collaboration with groups of Makers ,Security experts ,investors and also companies .

Work process

The main idea of the work process is to encourage Creators to adapt more with projects and embedded systems.

Technical and soft skills

Be social with an excellent technical background ,encourage brilliant ones to work with others and share their knowledge .

Blogging and presentations

Show them how you do it ,and how they can do it ,share the process around through a real time presentation with group or write something about it .

Empowering the surroundings! Inspire and empower other by engaging them in out of boundaries activities.

Work process Two workshops based on small projects delivered and created by Creators for every weekend Saturday, for every project an article will be published on our blog and a poster on the wall of the space that describe the idea.

A mini Public workshop with some partners or group Or one the members presenting somethings

Working in groups. Starting with small projects.

Prepare an article for each project included photos. The team members will work according to their availability will be for workshops.

This Hackerspace has a Air Compressor

This Hackerspace has a Wood Lathe

This Hackerspace has a Antenna Analyzer

This Hackerspace has a Electron Microscope

This Hackerspace has a Vector Network Analyzer

This Hackerspace has a Metal Lathe

This Hackerspace has a CNC Plasma Cutter

This Hackerspace has a Shower

This Hackerspace has a CNC

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer