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Status active
Country Germany
State or District Hamburg
City Hamburg
Date of founding 2010/03/01
Last Updated 2017-12-17
Snail mail

Eschelsweg 4
22767 Hamburg

Number of members 66
Membership fee 32€ monthly. You can also donate money and material to support us. As Attraktor is officially recognized as a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.
Size of rooms 330 m²
Members Fh
Location 53.5498443,9.946661

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AttraktorHttps://www.attraktor.orgEschelsweg 422767HamburgGermany2010/03/01Attraktor3D Printer
Soldering Iron
Drill Press
Air Compressor
Portable Bandsaw
Sewing Machine

Chef Introduction Talk

With an area of over 300sqm, it is the largest Hackerspace in northern Germany and offers an event venue for over 100 people and an open workshop area. From 2010 to 2014, Hamburg's „City Nord“ district was home to the „Attraktor“ Hacker- and Makerspace - in 2014, the Attraktor relocated to Hamburg Altona.

With a steady and diverse programme of regular meetings, workshops and other events, the Attraktor caters to everyone interested in creatively working with technology, learn new skills, network with others or build their own projects.

The workshop[edit]

Screen Printing Workshop

The workshop offers modern manufacturing methods like CNC milling, 3D printing and laser cutting as well as the tools of a classical wood and metal workshop for visitors to use in their own projects.

The workshop also offers all the necessary tools and equipment for the design and production of printed circuit boards for electronics and microcontroller projects. Attraktor is constantly expanded and aims to offer both modern manufacturing as well as classical metal and wood working. The members and visitors of the Attraktor use the workshop for projects in electronics, microcontrollers, physical computing, computer-aided manufacturing, quadropcopters, radio, computer and networks, urban gardening and crafts.


The old Attraktor Entrance

The Attraktor offers regular events and meetings on a number of topics: At the „Basteldonnerstag“ (Tinkering Thursday) we meet in the workshop for working on our projects and tinkering with all kinds of things. Every tuesday, „Back to Hack“ is about computers, networks, IT security and online media. Each week, someone gives a short talk about a given topic to introduce the subject and initiate discussion. Afterwards, the focus is on experimentation and trying things our yourself. Every first monday of the month, the „Elektronik-Stammtisch“ (Electronics Meeting) meets to discuss Electronics, Microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino and Raspberry Pi), physical computing and PCB design. We start off with a more in-depth talk about a specific subject and discuss it or work on projects. Around the year, we have about one major event per month. In october 2012, the first „Hamburger Makertreffen“ (Hamburg Maker Meeting, took place at the Attraktor with over 200 visitors and 25 exihibiting makers from many different areas. There were also two weekend-long workshops about microcontroller development and the Arduino platform to give newcomers a more intensive start into the world of electronics and programming. Other workshop topics included computer game development (Independant Games), digital photography, sewing, urban gardening and social media. All events of Attraktor are open to the public and do not require a membership. Most events, especially the regular ones, are free and no pre-registration is required. Everyone interested is invited to just drop by. On our website at you will always find an up-to-date event schedule with further information about each event and instructions on how to get to the Attraktor. We're also happy to organize individual workshops on any of the above topics, especially for students and youth clubs.

The organization[edit]

The „Attraktor e.V.“ is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg. Founded in 2010 and with around 70 members, we aim to be Hamburgs place-to-go for Hackers, Tinkerers and Makers. Our main focus is the operation of the open workshop and the event venue. The organization is financed by membership fees and donations, as well as registration fees from a few of the larger events.


  • cnc machinery
    • styrofoam cutter
    • laser cutter
    • pcb mill
    • cnc mill (wood, plastic, aluminium)
    • 3d printer
  • classic mechanical tools
    • lathe
    • circular saws
    • sanding machines
    • sand blaster
    • welder
  • tools for electronic purposes
    • pcb mill
    • soldering irons
    • oscilloscopes
    • logic analyzer

... and many more.

This Hackerspace has a Arcade,CNC,Kitchen,Soldering Iron,Lasercutter,Air Compressor,Lathe,Drill Press,3D Printer,Portable Bandsaw,Sewing Machine


Pictures of recent events can be found in the Attraktor-Wiki.