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Type of Conference
Start 11th October, 2014
BACH201411th October, 201412th October, 2014Oakland
End 12th October, 2014
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: The Omni, 4799 Shattuck
City: Oakland
State: CA
Country: USA
Min Cost: Free
Max Cost: Free
Important dates
Camera ready due: Livestreaming at:

A free event celebrating and cultivating creative communities and hackerspaces in the San Francisco bay area.

Major themes:

  • Helping other hackerspaces succeed
  • Sharing learning experiences
  • making a more inclusive community where all kinds of animals like pandas, female-formed bears, otters, seals, children, wheelchairs and chocolate-colored people of all kinds may be welcome in a productive and positive way

Planning Meeting Notes - September 26, 2014

Random Meeting Shot

Hackerspaces Represented[edit]

MACH925 in Concord, Benicia Makerspace, Freespace, Beach Tech Dads, Sudo Room, Counter Culture Labs, Noisebridge, new space in Hayward, Cloyne (UC Berkeley space), Ace Monster Toys, Double Union, LOLspace


Friday, October 10th[edit]

Elves worked into the wee hours preparing the unconference board, marking off wheelchair-accessible pathways throughout the building, printing maps and welcome table treats, cleaning and organizing the Omni, and heroically dealing with a late-night plumbing disaster!

Saturday, October 11th[edit]

Sunday, October 12th[edit]


  • 5-minute Presentation on How to host an unconference and start a loosely-organized association of hackerspaces in your local area