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Subevent of Security Bsides
Type of Conference
Start Jannuary 21st
BSidesVienna2012Jannuary 21stJannuary 21stVienna
End Jannuary 21st
Homepage: BSidesVienna2012
Venue: TBA
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Min Cost: Free
Max Cost: Free
Important dates
Papers due: Jan 21st

What B-Sides is not!

B-Sides does not compete with any other event. The goal has and always will be to expand the spectrum of conversation and enable a greater variety of events. Certainly one can take the business perspective and say that any and every security conference competes with each other, but this would ignore the fact that these events are FREE and simply offer people another alternative to everything else. B-Sides is not the All-Conference-Rejects. Certainly the idea may have sparked after the organizer and others got rejected from a conference submission, but the goal in creating Security B-Sides is always to enable a greater variety of conversation. We do not want speakers who are talking about the current big thing, we want to find new tallent who are discussing the NEXT BIG THING!

What should I Bring?

Open mind Lots of questions Computerness