Build a tardis console

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Build a tardis console
Why to run various mixing programs and music instrument synths.
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Tags tardis, console, scifi, steampunk, touch screen, virtual DJ, Theremin

basic concept
to build a DJ rig that runs off of three computers and has 3 touch screens. one to run a virtual music and video mixer, and two to run an array of music instruments that can be swapped out on screen and ran live from the touch screen (iconic pads for drums and drum loops via custom flash pages stored or the favorite of the architect theremin.exe with would allow one finger to control both volume and frequency while another on a mouse wheel would allow control of the waves origin swapping back and forth between say square and syn wave. or saw and syn wave. additionally CD or DVD drives to the computers would allow for adding music and video to hidden drives for access as well as live mixing from them. also several sound processors will be hidden inside and accessible via both the computer and several types of ports from an analog mixer. additional ports should allow for other DJ's to add their own hardware to the device and an array of ports for various options should be available to hook up the console to house mixers or amps.


  • entire unit must be able to be assembled and disassembled into small enough parts for a person to carry each and this must be able to be done fast.
  • surface should be some material that is rugged and durable unlike paint. like real leather and brass sheet over thick fiberglass and MDF frame (to save on weight.

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