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CCC Berlin
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Berlin
City Berlin
Last Updated 2018-11-06
Snail mail

Postfach 64 02 36
Marienstraße 11
D-10117 Berlin

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Location 52.52194, 13.38261

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Entrance of Club Discordia

Chaos Computer Club Berlin (CCCB) is part of the german Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

We are centered around our Berlin hackerspace, which we affectionately call Club Discordia.

With its location right in the center of Berlin and its long and significant history, CCCB is one of the traditional homes of Berlin Cypherpunk.

As a hackerspace we are continuing this tradition as a membership-supported social hub for the local and global hacker community.

Our Doings[edit]

CCCB is not originally a hackerspace. Much rather, it is part of a hacker association that has its roots in the cypherpunk movement of the 1990s. One might consider it a proto-hackerspace.

We are a community hub for hackers in Berlin. All hackers are welcome to drop by on our open days. Our space is also available to open source and hacktivism projects on request.

For members we are also a hangout and laboratory that is part of the legendary Berlin hacker community. Many CCC activities happen around places like Club Discordia.

Our Space[edit]

Club Discordia is the long-time home of CCC Berlin, located in the central "Mitte" district of Berlin at the Friedrichstrasse train station. We are located right next to the center of the Berlin metropolis in a well-established location that has been a CCC space since 1997.

We have a large space at almost 200 m³ on two levels, one of which is open to the public on open-house days and for scheduled events.

The public space is a lounge with basic facilities for public and private meetings as well as talks with a small audience of up to about 20 people. We have the infrastructure to stream and record talks and live podcasts.

The closed area contains further facilities that are for member use only. This also includes our technical facilities.


We have various public projects, some of which have been going on for decades.

Most project descriptions are in German because of the respective audience - we are considering translations.

Do not be afraid to come to our meetings if you are an English speaker - we are very international.

We are also very active in nation-wide CCC, contributing to a number of projects and teams.


CCC has existed as a hacker organization since the 1980s

There here have been various CCC proto-hackerspaces in Berlin since the early 1990s.

Our current space - Club Discordia - has existed continuously since 1997 with a complete reconstruction in the year 2002.

Through the early 2000s, Club Discordia existed as a closed-membership proto-hackerspace for CCC and other hackers in Berlin.

Since around 2010 we are more of a membership-based community-oriented hackerspace that forms the local chapter of CCC.


We are a regional chapter of Chaos Computer Club.

Our membership overlaps with AFRA, Raumfahrtagentur and XHain.

There are traditional connections between CCCB and C-Base, a cypherpunk art project.

We like and support projects such as Freifunk.

User groups such as IN-Berlin and BeLUG are our friends.

We inspired the founding of other spaces such as NYC Resistor.

This Hackerspace has a RIPE Atlas