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The Hackerspaces Call-in[edit]

This monthly call-in is a chance for hacker spaces everywhere to hear what other spaces are up to. It occurs on the first Sunday and opens at 21:00 local time in the UK which is 13:00 Pacific Standard Time, 16:00 Eastern Standard Time, 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time, 22:00 Central European Time.

This time was chosen as a compromise between the different timezones in order to make international participation possible. We're trying a pirate pad for this next call in - Join us here -

How to Call-in[edit]

Extension 77223(SPACE) on telephreak's phone network

Press * for the conf menu listing (mute/unmute, conf volume, personal volume, exit)



US DID[edit]

You can use any of the following numbers to dial in, once connected dial 77223 to join the conference.

(206) 279-5242 	WA 	IPKall 	Single call
(202) 642-5118	USA	GVoice	Multi-line
(206) 279-5243 	WA 	IPKall 	Single call
(360) 526-0564 	WA 	IPKall 	Single call
(360) 526-6335 	WA 	IPKall 	Single call
(425) 906-3749 	WA 	IPKall 	Single call
(641) 551-2791 	IA 	SipNumber 	Unknown

note: the stanaphone lines are in the process of being disconnected(as of dec 1st).. but it hasnt happened yet, please update wiki when it does.

please check here for updates to this list

for information on international dial-ins take a look here


The radness of Telephreak is hosting this so go say hi/thanks on

Technical notes[edit]

  • Landline Callers: Please keep your GSM phones away from you landline, they cause buzzing, and 2-3 buzzers on one call is maddening. If you notice buzzing on your line, please mute yourself unless you're speaking.
  • Cell callers: Please check your connection quality before joining the call, and try to get to a good location. If you notice buzzing on your line, please mute yourself unless you're speaking.

Past Call-ins[edit]

This is a backlog of previous call-ins.