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 TitleStart dateEnd date
"Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue" in Harvard Sq.Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk RevueMarch 20th, 2011
0711 first stepsFirst Steps towards a hackspace in Stuttgart2009/10/112009/10/11
1 year Open Labs celebration1 year Open Labs celebration16.07.2013
10+1 Jahre Chaostreff Dortmund10+1 Jahre Chaostreff Dortmund07. June 201408. June 2014
2011-06-18: Open Door at shackspace!18.06.2011 - 12:00 Uhr18.06.2011
20th German Championships in lock opening in Cologne, Germany20th German lock opening Championships - 20165th November 20166th November 2016
23B Shop Party23B Shop Party2010/04/172010/04/18
2600nl2600nl meeting2009/10/022009/10/02
2600nl camp2600nl camp2010/07/022010/07/04
29th Chaos Communication Congress29th Chaos Communication Congress2012/12/272012/12/30
2ème session du Raspberry Pi au CERN2ème session du Raspberry Pi au CERN2013/01/19
3D Printer Workshop - Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 33D Printer Workshop - Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 3October 27 2012 10:30October 28 2012
3taps Creative Commons Data Viz Hackathon3taps/Creative Commons Hackathon4/29/20114/30/2011
4-H Robotics & Technology ClubOpen House2012-09-082012-09-08
48 Hour Startup48 Hour Startup2010/05/142010/05/17
A Pado LoupA Pado Loup12th of August 201222th of August 2012
A Slice of Pi at MakeLVA Slice of PiJanuary 26th 2013
AMach MeetupAMach Meetup6:00pm, 20 December 2011
Alameda County Apps Challenge 2013AC Apps Challenge 2013.1 Hackathon4/27/20134/27/2013
Android App Developers MeetupAndroid App Developers Meetup2009/09/162009/09/16
Apps for Change Demo BreakfastApps for Change Demo Breakfast9/20/179/20/17
Arch Reactor Open HouseArch Reactor Open House2010/01/302010/01/30
ArduinoArduino Contest2011/01/012011/01/31
Arduino Day03/29/201403/29/2014
Arduino NightTheTransistor Public Arduino Night2010/01/092010/01/09
Arduino WorkshopArduino Workshop21/12/2012
Arduino for total NewbiesArduino for total Newbies23-12-2012 , 15:0023-12-2012 , 20:00
Arig Hackathon, 2012 - AradArig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad8/9/20128/10/2012
Atlanta Mini Maker FaireAtlanta Mini Maker FaireOctober 6, 2012
Attraktor Opening PartyAttraktor Hackerspace Grand Opening2010/03/262010/03/28
Audacity workshop at Open Labs AlbaniaAudacity workshop at Open Labs01.06.2013
Austin DevHouseAustin DevHouse2010/03/142010/03/15
Ayer MakerspaceAyer Makerspace MeetingJune 26thJune 26th
BACH2014BACH Unconference 2014: State of the Hack11th October, 201412th October, 2014
Backend + Frontend M2M IoTBackend + Frontend M2M IoT ; openhardware04/25/201404/27/2014
BalCCon2k13Balkan Computer Congress - BalCCon6 September 20137 September 2013
BalCCon2k14Balkan Computer Congress – BalCCon2014/09/052014/09/07
BalCCon2k15Balkan Computer Congress - BalCCon2k15 - Third Time's a Charm11 September 201513 September 2015
Ballmer Peak-A-ThonBallmer Peak-A-Thon5 May 2012
Bay Area Modular Electronics MeetupBay Area Modular Electronics MeetupOnce a Month
Bitlair OpeningBitlair Opening2011/06/042011/06/04
Black Country Atelier - 3D PrintingBlack Country Atelier - 3D Printing06/10/12
BruCon 2009BruCon2009/09/182009/09/19
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