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An important goal of is to increase communication and collaboration between hackerspaces.




See also IRC Channel for information about which channels & networks may have relevant information.


The best way to get in touch with hackers from all over the world. Every Jabber account created on automatically gets a contact list of all the other users. Makes for a nice network effect. Note: If you do not see the contact list at first, log out and log back in.

You can also join the Hackers chatroom at


For coordination and discussion purposes we also provide mailing lists. If you want to actively discuss hackerspaces the Discussion List(unmoderated) is where you want to be. If you want to talk about finance related topics such as fundraising ideas, strategies, member donations, tax laws, join Finance List


On twitter, you should follow HackerspacesBot.

If you're on, join the hs group: use !hs or !hackerspaces or !hacklabs or !hacklab to notify the group when you micro-blog.


Sometimes, hearing a human (or robot) voice just can't be beat. Join the monthly hackerspace Call-in. (SIP Conference Room available via mobile and landlines)

Planet Feeds[edit] aggregates as many hackerspaces blog feeds as possible, including hackerspaces | flux.

Currently available in English. See that announcement to have your hackerspace's feed included.

Static & Moving Images[edit]

Check the Hackerspaces Xchange group for resources to be shared between spaces.

Some hackerspaces are remotely viewable to some extent via Webcams.


Hackerspace Mentors - A list of experienced hackerspace members, willing to answer questions and offer advice.