Das Labor/2011-10-28

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Das Labor/2011-10-28
Type of Workshop
Start 28.10.2011
Das Labor/2011-10-2828.10.201130.10.2011Bochum
End 30.10.2011
Homepage: LaborTage2011 - operating out of spec
Venue: Das_Labor
City: Bochum
State: NRW
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 20 EURO
Max Cost: 20 EURO
Important dates
Workshops due: 1.Oct 2011
Tutorial due: 1.Oct 2011
Abstracts due: 1.Oct 2011
Papers due: 1.Oct 2011

webpage: https://www.das-labor.org/labortage

flyer: https://www.das-labor.org/files/LaborTage2011.pdf

programm: https://www.das-labor.org/files/Programm.pdf

special: solid state teslacoil workshop

special: beakfast