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Type of Contest
Start 27-7-2013
End 28-7-2013
Homepage: E-HACK
Venue: Velammal Engineering College
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Min Cost: 0 INR 0 USD 0 EUR
Max Cost: 0 INR 0 USD 0 EUR
Important dates
Workshops due: 26-7-2013
Tutorial due: N.A.
Abstracts due: N.A.
Papers due: N.A.
Posters due: N.A.
Demos due: N.A.
Submissions due: N.A.
Notification: N.A.
Camera ready due: N.A.
Event in series EHACK

About E-HACK :

Temple Run guy’s running never ends. The same happens for security experts and hackers. Everyday it’s a clash of titans between the two which never ends.But there will be clash of stalwarts with an end and it is called as E-HACK. It will be world largest attempt on hackathon with brain twisting levels and stages, the continuous run for 24 hours non-stop. Starting with easier levels, the hackathon will continue to be a challenging with over 50 levels.

Meddle in cyber-warfare, battle with our machine master mind who will throw challenges on web application security, network security, algorithms, reverse engineering and decryption. The team which cracks the final level will attain the glory of being Winner at our E-HACK Guinness record attempt with tons of prizes waiting. Be simple but not simpler is quote by Einstein, that’s secret of success for E-HACK. Be there to witness the epic battle of brains.

P.S: World renowned web security experts will be watching you at E-HACK, who knows you might end up working for them, prove you’re potential.

About E-HACK in Chennai:

Chennai is the city through which India’s primary Internet backbone cable runs into land from sea. This Techno-wizard city has something to do with hacking. Yes it just got easier and better because the city is welcoming legendary teachers and pioneers to educate you to hack your way through any information system ever invented. E hack is just not any other workshop it is the place to be if you want to keep your information discreet. The pioneers are going to be here in your city to make you Professional Hackers. WHAT IS CTF?

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a real time scenario game. You’ll be given a scenario which will require you to hack into a server/site. There will be multiple levels and you have to progress through each level by hacking through it. For instance the first level will need a password to enter, so you’ll have to identify the password and progress to the next level. It’s not going to be straight forward like this, it’s just an example. With a total of 50 levels, the team/person which cracks the maximum number of levels within the time limit, will be announced the winner.

The first couple of levels are bound to be easier because of the training provided throughout day 1, but in the later levels you’ll be facing things which you might’ve never faced before like a combination of hacks for instance. There will be a live leader board which will be reflecting the performance of each and every team. That will heat up the contest more. Amidst all this, social engineering is totally allowed and please do have fights but only online! Use of fists not allowed!!

A laptop with your own access to internet will be the only requirement from your side. 
The event is planned to be 24hours long to create a new Guinness World Record. For the schedule please look under the Schedule tab 

The event is a 24hours continuous event and hence no accommodation will be provided. Participants can take rests during the event but the game will go on as always. However refreshment space will be provided.

You will have a chance to create history with us. You will gain huge experience of being a part of the world’s largest Information Security Workshop. You will receive direct training from industrial experts and you will also receive a certificate on the same ! Attending this one event can add a whole new dimension to your profile.

Yes you can. Geographical locations are no excuse for you and your team to not participate in this event. You can collect your team in your locality and be a part of E-Hack Xtended. You can have webinars and also participate in CTF from your own locality. For more details post your questions at facebook or mail us at Or Or

You will receive a certificate , if you be a part of the entire event spanning over 24 hours. Yes you can be a part of EHACK.IN, but you won’t be entitled for a certificate.

At the Venue,No free lunch, You will however be having Stalls and canteen access where you can have your lunch/snacks.

                            • PS:I AM NOT THE ORGANISER, AM ONLY A PARTICIPANT.****************