Electric generator workshop

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Electric generator workshop
Why develop a working knowledge of electricial generation & conditioning
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the purpose of the ongoing exercise is to develop both a working knowledge of how to build generators as well as electrical conditioning elements and back up storage for electricity.

1. generator. where to extract parts and what is needed. 2. output. how parts like windings play a part in voltage and wattage outputs 3. process. how inverters and converters can be used to make the output voltages into other usable forms *110vAC or 12vDC* both for storage and usage. 4. storage devices for various reasons. battery back up and how it works.

objectives: 1. develop understanding of how it all works. 2. design easy to assemble and easy to repair units for each stage. 3. implement in life settings to both help us get off the grid and for thorough field testing before they might actually be needed.