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Free Lunch Computing
Why Everything is precomputed - industry is a hoax!
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Tags Chaos, Noise, Fractals, Turing Machines, Bio-photons, Spin Computing

We intend to show that from the first Turing's era till now, a major mishap w. respect to the proper way to understand the meaning of "computation" has taken place. We will prove that a Universal Machine can - and will be - build with no more than a noise source, classical or quantum (a resistor, a Geiger counter, etc), a sensor, an appropriate filter and a sufficiently large memory. We will actually do this simply by "beheading" an ordinary Turing Machine! In this version there will be no ordinary Tape and no Head at all! Instead, we will use an analog map or transfer function and a proper sensor with a sufficient "depth" of bit capacity. Nowadays, existing A/D converters suffice for something near 22 - 24 bits (~6-7 decimal digits). Even if insufficient, successive measurements may cover any possible gaps. And by this, we will have also proven, that an analog version of any digital device can be built w/out any use of combinatoric circuit whatsoever. No Boole, no Gates, no nothing! Instead one will have to be content with the inevitable fact, that the sequence of measurements that will correspond to the "history" of any computation will take place among a myriad of "irrelevant" other measurements with a special type of transient time statistics. That said, it remains to reveal here, the actual purpose of th eproject at hand. The truth is that building such machines will pave the way to the -much deeper-understanding that if such a project can be done, than Mother Nature most probably has already made good use of it. It will then, also be revealed the inevitable fact that such a computing machinery lies inside our own living cells and biologists have of course failed to recognise it exactly because they have been totally misled by the present industrial paradigm that led them to search for Boole circuits and Gates. Alas! Mother Nature always fools us! The possibility of building also an appropriate quantum transcript of such devices using some form of "spintronics" raises certain suspicions on the very nature of biological structures inside every living cell's cytoskeleton known as Microtubules. These tiny miracles of natural nano-technology contain already a number of spintronic devices on the top of each of their dimer macro-molecular building blocks that may serve the same purpose that our sensor-filter-memory device plays, at least w. respect to the underlying molecular chaos (the noise source). Half of the mathematical background of this is covered by one of our collaborators in a publicly available Tech. Report which can be downloaded from this links

Latest update on possible implementations: Draft Report

"Let him who has understanding calculate" to find out what eq. (5a-b), (6) and (7) mean w. respect to the context explained above and how are they to be used in practice to realize this project. The rest will follow in our next Tech. Report, soon enough. Well, that's all folks for now, see you soon in heavens above!

Pit-Bool is dead, long live the Pit-Bool!

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