G0vhk.io 1st Hackathon

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G0vhk.io 1st Hackathon
Type of Workshop
Start 23/06/2018
G0vhk.io 1st Hackathon23/06/201823/06/2018Hong Kong
End 23/06/2018
Homepage: Event Page
Venue: Station for Open Cultures, 1/f Eaton Hotel, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
City: Hong Kong
State: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Min Cost: 0USD
Max Cost: 0USD
Important dates
Workshops due: 22/06/2018
Tutorial due: 22/06/2018
Abstracts due: 22/06/2018
Papers due: 22/06/2018
Posters due: 01/06/2018
Demos due: 22/06/2018
Submissions due: 22/06/2018
Notification: Yes
Camera ready due: Yes
Event in series Yes. Hackathon 1

How to upload a project to the Collaction page?

1.please open an account here


2. then click 發起項目

3.then fill in the form (remember to click 提交 at the bottom)

4.Go back to the hackathon page

5.Click 提案

6.Select from your projects