Gothenburg Hackerspace

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Gothenburg Hackerspace
Status active
Country Sweden
City Gothenburg
Date of founding 2009/04/23
Last Updated 2018-11-02
IRC ircs://
Snail mail

Falkgatan 7

Number of members 10
Membership fee Monthly lab fee for hardware/space usage + donations
Size of rooms 20m² classroom-style
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? no
Location 57.7182, 12.0046

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Gothenburg HackerspaceHttps:// 7GothenburgSweden2009/04/23Gothenburg Hackerspace

Gothenburg Hackerspace[edit]

The purpose of Gothenburg Hackerspace is to create digital, cultural and social artifacts as well as to disseminate knowledge and promote openness and freedom. The Gothenburg Hackerspace laboratory also manufactures culture.

GHS is a religiously and politically independent non-profit organization.

Wanna join in?[edit]

Our platforms are open for everyone and to anything that complies with our code of conduct. We will assume all visitors (including you and me) have read and agreed upon this document before arriving to the physical hackerspace(s), or engaging in any of our digital activities. Thanks for understanding this opportunity to keep our world an equal and stimulating space for everyone.

Gothenburg Hackerpace is a hackerspace in Gothenburg/Sweden. We now have a place to be, albeit small.


GHS is currently a guest at Falken, Falkgatan 7, Gothenburg (Sweden).

Public meetings are usually held on Saturdays at 15:00

Check our web page for latest updates!