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Type of Conference
Start August 12 2009
HARAugust 12 2009August 16 2009Vierhouten
End August 16 2009
Homepage: Homepage
City: Vierhouten
State: Nunspeet
Country: Netherlands
Location: +52° 19' 50.02", +5° 49' 27.98"
Min Cost: 185 EUR
Max Cost: 1500 EUR

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Hacking at Random
will happen on August 13th - 16th, 2009. It's gonna take place at 'de Paashuevel' (a campground) in Vierhouten, The Netherlands.
Cost: 155 euro (early bird rate), see https://tickets.har2009.org/; more info can be found at https://har2009.org/ or https://wiki.har2009.org/

List yourself here, if...

  • you're planning to attend HAR
  • you have ideas for an (additional) hackerspaces village
  • you're coming in from the US (right after DefCon) & would like to join a 'Hackers on a Plane II'

Roll Call!