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HackerSpace Maringá
Status active
Country Brazil
State or District Paraná
City Maringá
Date of founding 2013/10/05
Last Updated 2018-04-25
Website [[Website::http://hackerspace.maringa.br/ [temporarily down]]]
Wiki [[Wiki::https://wiki.hackerspace.maringa.br/ [temporarily down]]]
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hackerspacemaringa/
E-mail maringahackerspace@gmail.com
Snail mail

Rua Vitória, 943

Number of members 13
Membership fee Non-mandatory, R$50 average
Size of rooms 50 m²
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? maybe
Location -23.402272, -51.938396

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HackerSpace MaringáRua Vitória, 943MaringáBrazil2013/10/05HackerSpace Maringá