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Type of Workshop
Start 2011/02/26
End 2011/02/27
Homepage: Facebook Event
Venue: QUB Students Union
City: Belfast
State: Antrim
Country: UK
Min Cost: £5

In association with QUESTS, Dragonslayers, and The Belfast Juggling Convention, Belfast Hackerspace is running another 24 hour event of hackery madness.

Of course, there will also be hacking challenges and electronics projects to keep you all entertained between throwing stuff around!


Main Hackerspace Wiki

Main Dragonslayers Event

Event Facebook Please RSVP so we can get rough numbers

Project Ideas[edit]

Ludum Dare - Games Programming[edit]

Ericsson Widget Awards[edit]

Linkage Competition to develop Mobile Widgets for Opera Mobile SDK 15000 EUR prize Requires registration

International Hackathon[edit]

Unfortunately we miss it this time around.


  • Development of a weather balloon / rocket based remote camera (similar to this [1]) - Bolster
    • Android App + Casing?
    • Testing after the event?

Possible Problem with Rocket[edit]

I don't think you can have any GPS technology in a rocket. If you do its classified as a cruise missile and illegal without special license. I could be miss remembering, but just letting you know. (citation needed!-bolster)

If you want to add anything here, go ahead!