Hackerspace İstanbul

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Hackerspace İstanbul
Status active
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Date of founding 2018/04/20
Last Updated 2018-05-10
Website https://hackerspace.ist
IRC chat.freenode.net #hsist
Jabber iletisim@hackerspace.ist
Phone +90 216 550 23 51
Facebook https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/no-facebook.png
Twitter https://twitter.com/hackerspaceist
E-mail iletisim@hackerspace.ist
Snail mail

Eğitim Mah. Eylül Sok. No:5/19 Kadıköy İstanbul
34722 Istanbul

Number of members 12
Membership fee 150 TRY/month
Size of rooms 32 m^2
Location 40.992196, 29.042266

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Hackerspace İstanbul+90 216 550 23 51Https://hackerspace.istEğitim Mah. Eylül Sok. No:5/19 Kadıköy İstanbul34722IstanbulTurkey2018/04/20Hackerspace İstanbul

Hackerspace İstanbul is a workplace to have fun with the technical facilities gathered together by the contributers and a social environment to work together and creating events; for the people, who are interested in computers, electronics, technology, Internet, DIY and such kind of subjects.

We have open house meetings on every Wednesday, 20:00 UTC+0300