Hacknight 2

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Hacknight 2
Type of Conference
Start 2010/06/19
Hacknight 22010/06/192010/06/20Malmo
End 2010/06/20
Homepage: hacknight.se
Venue: Forskningsavdelningen
City: Malmo
Country: Sweden
Min Cost: 0 USD
Max Cost: 0 USD
Event in series Hacknight

Hacknight #2 was a free one-day creative tech conference in Malmö, Sweden on June 19, 2010.

Local hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen invited people to enjoy tech culture unfolding. Hands-on workshops and a captivating speaker track cultivated and realized ideas. Participants networked from all over the scene.

A large, industrial house played host to the hordes of interested tech heads. For the duration of the conference, the hackerspace was extended to encompass the whole building.

Talks began at 17.00 and were in 1hr slots. Workshops had introductions before they started and then continued at one of the workshop locations for a limited or unlimited (until hacknight was over) time.

This was the second Hacknight ever.


  • Time-travel Dome with retro-computing area