Hamburg Maker Meeting

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Hamburg Maker Meeting
Subevent of Hamburg Maker Meeting
Type of Party
Start 20th October 2012
Hamburg Maker Meeting20th October 201220th October 2012Hamburg
End 20th October 2012
Homepage: Hamburg Maker Meeting 2012
Venue: Attraktor
City: Hamburg
State: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Important dates
Workshops due: 31st August 2012
Demos due: 31st August 2012
Submissions due: 31st August 2012

The Hamburg Maker Meeting is an event for makers, hackers, tinkerers, creators and artists to meet, show their projects, exchange ideas and be inspired by the work of others.

When: Sat, Oct 20th, 2012

Where: At the "Attraktor" Makerspace in Hamburg/Germany

The Hamburg Maker Meeting is an environment for creative and playful work with materials, techniques and technology. At its core lie the ideas of Do-It-Yourself and the discovery and creation of new and interesting things.

It is an event for all who want to

  * create the future,
  * make the present more beautiful,
  * re-invent the past...

... and have fun being creative about the world and the things in it.

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