IT-Syndikat - Temporary Space Invasion 2

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IT-Syndikat - Temporary Space Invasion 2
Type of Conference
Start 15.04.2014
IT-Syndikat - Temporary Space Invasion 215.04.201427.04.2014Innsbruck
End 27.04.2014
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Freies Theater Innsbruck
City: Innsbruck
Country: Austria
Min Cost: 0 EUR
Max Cost: 0 EUR
Event in series Temporary Space Invasion

IT-Syndikat takes over a local theatre for two weeks and moves most of the "machinery" to the venue. We provide our standard Hackerspace equippment and offer 8 workshops - ranging from Arduino introductions to a presentation of "Zeitfluss", an installation which printed the current time onto the water surface of the river crossing Innsbruck.

Feel free to join us :)