Intro to Circuits

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Intro to Circuits
Type of Workshop
Start November 7, 6pm
Intro to CircuitsNovember 7, 6pmNovember 7, 9pmPhiladelphia
End November 7, 9pm
Homepage: The Hacktory
Venue: Asian Arts Initiative
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Country: USA
Min Cost: 35 USD
Max Cost: 35 USD

Have you been tantalized by neat projects using LEDs, Arduinos, or EL-wire? Ever wondered what’s going on inside your computer, television, or vacuum cleaner?

Electricity permeates our modern existence, and learning your way around circuits is the first step in demystifying it. In this class, we’ll start with the very basics, teaching you how to identify common circuit components, use tools like multimeters and breadboards, read schematics and datasheets, and describe what’s going on with a few equations. You can choose one of our projects to build, or bring your own project to work on.