MicroHouse Extreme Manufacturing Workshop

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MicroHouse Extreme Manufacturing Workshop
Type of Workshop
Start Sept. 25, 2014
MicroHouse Extreme Manufacturing WorkshopSept. 25, 2014Sept. 30, 2014Maysville
End Sept. 30, 2014
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Factor e Farm Hackerspace
City: Maysville
State: Missouri
Country: USA
Min Cost: Free
Max Cost: $300
Important dates
Camera ready due: Yes
Event in series Extreme Manuafacturing

We are holding an Extreme Manufacturing Workshop to build a MicroHouse - September 25-30. We are looking for people with CNC furniture making experience (OpenDesk, etc) to help us run a session on CNC furniture that will be used in the MicroHouse. In exchange, we will give you deep discounted admission. We have a 4'x4' 2kw CNC router with Mach software. Please email marcin@opensourceecology.org to apply. See the event itself - http://opensourceecology.org/microhouse-workshop-4/ Thanks - Marcin.