NYC Hacker Community Dinner

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NYC Hacker Community Dinner
Subevent of Hacker Community Dinner
Type of Symposion
Start 17 August 2012
NYC Hacker Community Dinner17 August 201217 August 2012New York
End 17 August 2012
Homepage: Link to the Google Moderator where members vote for the location of the next dinner
Venue: Varies month to month
City: New York
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: $10

Members decide where to host the dinner each month by making suggestions and voting on them here Each vote will close automatically, one week before the event occurs, and display the suggestion that won at the top of its own page.

The dinner occurs every third Friday of the month, at 7:00PM. Please come promptly so as not to anger the waitstaff.

Hacker Community Dinner began in New York City in 2010, when some members of NYC2600 and Alpha One Labs began to meet for refreshments on a monthly basis.

The dinner provides a means for hackers from different groups to meet and discuss new projects, current events, and goings-on in their local community. The Dinner also makes Hackers more visible: it is an attempt to welcome curious newcomers, destroy the negative stereotype of hackers as antisocial criminals, and show the public that they are real people who contribute to their local community in positive ways.

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