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Status active
Country Germany
State or District Schleswig-Holstein
City Lübeck
Date of founding 2012/03/20
Last Updated 2018-07-31
Website https://www.chaotikum.org/
IRC irc://irc.hackint.org/#Chaotikum
Phone +49 (0) 451 30 500 678
E-mail info+hsorg@chaotikum.org
Mailinglist http://lists.chaotikum.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/chaotikum.org-talk
Snail mail

Fackenburger Allee 11
23554 Lübeck

Number of members 23
Membership fee 10 € per month minimum; the suggested contribution is 15 € or more per month
Size of rooms 120 m²
Location 53.86887°N, 10.67124°E

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Nbsp+49 (0) 451 30 500 678Https://www.chaotikum.org/Fackenburger Allee 1123554LübeckGermany2012/03/20Nbsp


The Nobreakspace, nbsp for short, is the central meeting point for all hackers in Lübeck, Germany. Located at the heart of the old town, right next to the famous Buddenbrookhaus museum, it is the home to many projects, including the Lübeck branch of the freifunk initiative.

The space is run by Chaotikum, a cherishable registered society, whose purpose it is to further sciene, art, and education in topics such as information technology, privacy, and security.

Related Groups[edit]

Other hacker consortia in Lübeck include the Chaostreff Lübeck CCC-HL (which meets at the nbsp) and the university associated MetaMeute.


We have a Wiki and a mailing list – you don't have to subscribe to post mails to the list. Furthermore, there is an IRC channel at HackInt.

This Hackerspace has a