NinjaCon 11

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NinjaCon 11
Type of Conference
Start 2011/06/18
Venue: The Hub Vienna
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Min Cost: 0 EUR
Max Cost: 0 EUR
Event in series NinjaCon

NinjaCon (previously known as PlumberCon) is a unique hacker conference targeted at security researchers, system and network operators, application developers, hardware hackers, hackerspace members, and generally open-minded folks working or participating in the broad fields between information warfare and digital art.

It will combine the knowledge of experienced security speakers, hackers, and information warriors with the fun of a small but 1337 conference. Its main goal therefore is to help attendees understand the current state of art in information technology and security, and showcase projects evolved from the hackerspace movement. The official event language is English.

After the last years' taglines - A Series of Tubes, and Make a Good Hack - NinjaCon 11 will take our approach towards security, hacking and technological innovation yet another step further, therefore being sub-entitled:

On the privilege escalator to shell[edit]

How ever much seriousness or amusement you bring into this, we'll make sure you get an overview of today's state-of-the-art technologies, insight into a bunch of the best hackers' mindsets, and learn new things! Not only will you again have the chance to participate in workshops and the mainly security and networking-focused talks again, but also get your hands on some hardware hacking, and join in to various activities.