OSHWDem 2017

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OSHWDem 2017
Type of Conference
Start 2017/11/11
OSHWDem 20172017/11/112017/11/11Coruña
End 2017/11/11
Homepage: http://oshwdem.org/
City: Coruña
State: Galicia
Country: Spain
Max Cost: 0 EUR
Event in series OSHWDem

OSHWDem is an open source hardware faire in La Coruña (SPAIN) https://goo.gl/maps/ZTBHXgTbLwv

Organized by BricoLabs (https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/BricoLabs) annually since 2012, is an open and free event for the maker/hacker community.

Workshops, robot contests (lineFollower, sumo, labyrinth, robot combat, hebocon... ), OSHW projects exhibition and many many makers!