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Oakland is a city that is located in USA. Hackerspaces in Oakland are:

The following users wants to create a new hackerspace in this city: There are no known users that want to create a hackerspace in this city.

Ace Monster Toys37.844565, -122.276901
BetaLab37.794101° N, 122.224822° W
Frostbox37° 47' 10.56" N, 122° 11' 35.52" W
Mosswood Park37.823686, -122.260490
NIMBY37.749785° N, 122.187141° W
Ponoko37.826294° N, 122.285492° W
Sudo room37.835004,-122.264125
The Crucible37.804508, -122.290754

Ace Monster ToysHttp://acemonstertoys.org/94608OaklandUnited States of America2010/05/24Ace Monster Toys3D Printer
Soldering Iron
Drill Press
Sewing Machine
BetaLabBetalab01.org2748 Grande Vista Ave.94601OaklandUnited States of AmericaBetaLab
East Bay Boat HackersOaklandUnited States of America2012/09/01East Bay Boat Hackers
Frostbox510 717 4275Https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Frostbox4436 MacArthur Boulevard94619OaklandUnited States of America2013/12/10Frostbox
Mosswood Park6627 Herzog St94608OaklandUnited States of AmericaMosswood Park
NIMBY510.633.0506Http://www.nimbyspace.org2906 Union street Oakland CA94608OaklandUnited States of America2004-04-01NIMBY
NIMBY LLC510.633.0506Http://www.nimbyspace.org/8410 Amelia st.94621OaklandUnited States of AmericaNIMBY LLCDrill Press
Air Compressor
Portable Bandsaw
Sewing Machine
Ponoko+1 415 841-3347Http://www.ponoko.com/about/contact3431 Louise Street94608OaklandUnited States of AmericaPonoko
Sudo roomHttps://sudoroom.org4799 Shattuck94609OaklandUnited States of America2011/11/14Sudo room
The Crucible510-444-0919Http://thecrucible.orgOaklandUnited States of America2010/01/01The Crucible
The Out Of BandHttps://oob.systems/OaklandUnited States of America2014/12/01The Out Of Band