OpenSourceDay Udine

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OpenSourceDay Udine
Type of Conference
Start 11/30/2013
OpenSourceDay Udine11/30/201311/30/2013Udine
End 11/30/2013
Homepage: Homepage
City: Udine
Country: Italy
Min Cost: FREE!
Important dates
Abstracts due: Security, Forensics, Embedded, Multimedia, Developers
Subevents: Laboratorio OSH

Opensource Day 2013 is Conferences and Workshops on Opensource software and hardware

Info --->

Conference --->

- course Multimendia - course Embedded: #android #udoo_board #ubuntutouch - course professional_1: #angularjs #WebRTC #PostgreSQL - course professional_2 - course Forensics

+Activity --->

- Install Fest - Test Arena - Lightning - Laboratorio Opensource hardware ---> - Game Corner