Positive Hack Days 2012

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Positive Hack Days 2012
Type of Conference
Start 30 May 2012
Positive Hack Days 201230 May 201231 May 2012Moscow
End 31 May 2012
Homepage: http://phdays.com/
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Important dates
Papers due: 16 April 2012

Positive Hack Days is a 2-days forum on practical security in Moscow, Russia. It combines business programs, technical workshops, master classes, roundtable discussions and CTF competitions. The forum has been set up to draw attention to hands-on security and real life contemporary threats.

Following our 2011 success we expect 1,000+ visitors in 2012. Among the speakers at PHDays in 2012: Pierre-Marc Bureau, Andrei Costin, Ulrich Fleck, Marcus Niemietz, Yury Gurkin, and Sylvain Munaut. The forum keynote speaker will be the world-famous cryptographer Bruce Schneier.

We invite hackerspaces to support our PHDays Everywhere initiative, as a part of which we propose you to join a webcast of the event to provide an opportunity for those who are unable to visit Moscow PHDays to actively participate in the forum. (Of course, they could do this from their homes, but it’s not so funny as hanging out together at a hackerspace :) ). Internet forum participants will be able to:

- Join the audience through the internet HD-broadcast (English and Russian languages).

- Participate in discussions and ask questions of the speakers coming online.

- Take part in the Hack Quest competition, to demonstrate their hacking skills and compete for prizes.

- Serve as a reporter for Fast Track Section and tell the world about their research and developments.

Please write to phd@ptsecurity.com for details on the PHDays Everywhere program. If you want to participate in the forum, please refer to the registration page http://phdays.com/registration.asp.