Powderhouse Productions Casting Call!

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Powderhouse Productions Casting Call!
Type of Contest
Start 2011/02/10
Powderhouse Productions Casting Call!2011/02/102011/02/18Somerville
End 2011/02/18
Homepage: Powderhouse
Venue: Somerville
City: Somerville
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: 0
Max Cost: 0
Important dates
Papers due: February 18th

We are a television production company specializing in engineering-based programming for cable networks including PBS, Discovery, Science Channel, and the History Channel.

Right now we’re looking for the ultimate hackers for a documentary style series - a crack team of pranksters, and general genius mischief-makers who like to make and break stuff, willing to plan and execute a number of show-stopping stunts and perhaps engage in a little friendly competition with some other “hackerspaces”.

We need guys and gals that are smart enough to take their textbook knowledge and apply it in totally bizarre ways to all kinds of everyday materials to create visual spectacles and cool, geeky gadgets. The trial-and-error, ups and downs, and mayhem inherent to the process is exactly what we’re hoping to capture.

Please email casting@powderhouse.net by Feb. 18th with a brief bio, pictures of yourself, and details of any hacks you may have pulled off in the past.