Pumping Station: One

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Pumping Station: One
PS1 logo square.jpg
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Illinois
City Chicago
Date of founding 2008/09/26
Last Updated 2018-10-29
Website http://www.pumpingstationone.org
Wiki http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/index.php/Main_Page
IRC irc://irc.freenode.net/#pumpingstationone
YouTube https://vimeo.com/psone/videos
EventBrite https://www.meetup.com/Pumping-Station-One/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PumpingStationOne
Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/pumpingstationone
Twitter https://twitter.com/@pumpingstation1
GooglePlus https://plus.google.com/101592272412763027621/about
E-mail info@pumpingstationone.org
Mailinglist https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pumping-station-one-public
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Snail mail

3519 N. Elston Ave
60618 Chicago
United States of America

Number of members 550
Membership fee $70 Full Membership - $40 Starving Hacker
Size of rooms 12,000 ft²
Members Eastein, Eric Michaud, Nicolle, Rdoeksen, Rdpierce, Somethingdeep, Zach
Residencies Contact vicepresident@pumpingstationone.org
Location 41.945319° N, 87.706629° W

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Pumping Station: OneHttp://www.pumpingstationone.org3519 N. Elston Ave60618ChicagoUnited States of America2008/09/26Pumping Station: One3D Printer
Soldering Iron
Drill Press
Air Compressor
Sewing Machine
CNC Plasma Cutter
Virtual Reality Station
Manual Plasma Cutter
Vacuum Former
Panel Saw

Pumping Station: One is a hackerspace located on the north side of Chicago. There is a wide variety of members: artists, engineers, and enthusiasts of every description. Many events are open to the public: check out the PS1 calendar for details. PS:One is a member-run, member-organized 501(c)(3) with two tiers of membership; voting Full Members at $70 and non-voting Starving Hackers at $40. All major decisions, purchases and changes to the nature of the organization are done by a vote of the (Full) membership.

The mission of PS1 is to facilitate creativity in and through the intersection of art, technology, and culture.

The public to may come for a tour (open house) every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. If you're interested in joining, this is a great time to come out and meet some folks. Visits at other times can maybe be arranged by getting in touch with someone through one of our many contact points. There is more equipment than we're interested in updating on hackerspaces.org.




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