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Type of Party
Start 2014-01-11 19:00
RaumSprung2014-01-11 19:002014-01-12 04:00Graz
End 2014-01-12 04:00
Homepage: raumSprung kalendar entry
Venue: realraum, Brockmanngasse 15
City: Graz
State: Styria
Country: Austria
Min Cost: 0
Max Cost: 0

realraum (Graz's Hackerspace) has jumped to a new location where we reopened bigger and better with a fully equipped electronics workplace, bio & chemistry laboratory (security level 1), workshop and bigger lounge area for hacking.

On 2014-01-11 we are finally ready to have a party at the new location.

You are invited, so stop by, join us and party :-)