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Type of Conference
Start 2010/07/16
SCG102010/07/162010/07/18Les Preses
End 2010/07/18
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Local Social Bosc de Tosca
City: Les Preses
State: Girona
Country: Catalonia
Min Cost: 10 EUR
Max Cost: 76 EUR
Important dates
Papers due: 23 June


For third consecutive year, Summer Camp Garrotxa is held again. You can come during 3 days of July to exchange your knowledge, under our tents surrounded by the deeply vegetation of Garrotxa's forests.

You will find nightly talks about crypto, smart cards, processing and Internet eXchange Points, everything accompanied with a chiptune concert performed by Chip Subcutáneo, an electronic Jam Session and a medieval show.

This year, because the success of previous year, we have choosen again the sports centre of Bosc de Tosca, at Les Preses (La Garrotxa, Girona, Spain), We’ll share the place with Volcànica, a LAN party celebrated for 5 years in La Garrotxa.

In the other hand other topics will be covered as gaming, developing, free software and hacking to reach as many audience as possible.

Dates will be July 16, 17 and 18th 2010.

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