Saskatoon TechWorks

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Saskatoon TechWorks
Sktechworks logo small.png
Status active
Country Canada
State or District Saskatchewan
City Saskatoon
Date of founding 2011/2/14
Last Updated 2018-11-03
IRC #sktechworks
Twitter @SKTechWorks
Snail mail

412B 44th St E
S7K 0W1 Saskatoon

Number of members 50
Membership fee Full membership: $50 (CAD)/month

Student Membership: $240 (CAD)/8 monthsProperty "Membership fee" (as page type) with input value "Full membership: $50 (CAD)/month Student Membership: $240 (CAD)/8 months" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

Size of rooms 1500 Sq. Feet
Location 52.161365,-106.663178

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Saskatoon TechWorksHttp://www.sktechworks.ca412B 44th St ES7K 0W1SaskatoonCanada2011/2/14Saskatoon TechWorks

Saskatoon TechWorks[edit]


Check out some of the projects we've completed, including one that was featured on hackaday.


Currently, we offer the following tools:

  • "Goliath" CNC Router 20" x 40" bed.
  • Sherline CNC Mill
  • 12" x 30" Metal Lathe
  • Yueming 1200x900mm 150W Laser Cutter
  • 600x400mm 60W Laser Cutter
  • Makerbot 2 3D Printer
  • Solidoodle 3 3D Printer
  • Various electronic test equipment
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Soldering stations
    • Bench Power Supplies
    • Hot air rework station
    • Frequency Counter
    • Function Generator
    • More
  • Various wood/metalworking tools
    • 2 Bandsaws
    • Drill press
    • Bench grinder
    • Scroll Saw
    • Small bench sander
    • Thickness planer
    • Miter Saw
    • More
  • Various Power Tools
    • drills
    • saws
    • more
  • Various Hand Tools
    • Too many to list!