ShmooCon 2009

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ShmooCon 2009
Type of Conference
Start February 6 2009
ShmooCon 2009February 6 2009February 8 2009Washington
End February 8 2009
Homepage: ShmooCon
Venue: Wardman Park Marriott Hotel
City: Washington
State: Washington D.C.
Country: United States of America
Location: 38.925371°,-77.054318°
Min Cost: 100 USD
Max Cost: 200 USD
Event in series ShmooCon

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Events around ShmooCon 2009[edit]

Thu, Feb. 05th: hackerspaces dinner[edit]

Hackerspaces folks in Washington, DC will gather at around 08pm EST (local time) at the HacDC headquarters (1525 Newton St NW) for a (yummy veggie) hackerspaces dinner.


If you would like a ride from the Wardman Park, Nick Farr will be departing at 07:50 from the Conference Center entrance. (The one facing the loading dock). Please text +1 (202) 316-5850 for more info!


If you'd like to participate, please RSVP here or shoot us an e-mail!

  • Anti-RSVPs
    • hypatia (from HackLabTO) is getting in on Friday morning instead. Stupid airplanes :(
    • openfly (from NYCResistor) is arriving Friday evening / night now. Stupid 4th dimension.
    • BobCat
    • Eric - Still going to diner. Stupid Stupid