Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Hackerspace

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Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Hackerspace
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Delaware
City Wilmington
Date of founding 2009/07/30
Last Updated 2018-09-20
Snail mail

103 W. 7th St.
19801 Wilmington
United States of America

Number of members 10
Membership fee 0
Size of rooms 1700 sq ft.
Location 39.743206° N, 75.550642° W

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Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania HackerspaceHttp://www.vintagecomputer.net103 W. 7th St.19801WilmingtonUnited States of America2009/07/30Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Hackerspace

Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Hackerspace
Type of Workshop
Start 2010/08/28
Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Hackerspace2010/08/282010/08/28Wilmington
End 2010/08/28
Venue: Degnan Co
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware
Country: USA
Min Cost: 0
Max Cost: 0

Official Launch was September 3, 2009 5PM. The focus of this group is to collaborate on project work. The first task is to recruit and establish the core membership. If you are within driving distance of Wilmington, Delaware and interested contact me at billdeg -at- aye oh ell dot cohm.

"Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny" - this quote from the scifi novel Revolt in 2100 summarized the philosophy of Lee Felsenstein, Efrem Lipkin and the other founders of the Community Memory Project in the 1970's. Let's bring that spirit back. We have a lot of work to do.

Meeting Schedule 2010:
January 30-31 All weekend vintage computing, open to all vintage computer hardware hacking projects (computers older than 20 years)

March 20-21 All weekend vintage computing, focus on disk drive replair

April 10-11 All weekend vintage computing, CP/M bootstrapping, building custom BIOS

June 12 - General Impromput

July 18 - Hackers on Planet Hope - HOPE convention in NYC.

August 28 = PDP/8 and PDP/11 Workshop. Power and replace lightbulbs