Space Hacker Workshop for Suborbital Science

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Space Hacker Workshop for Suborbital Science
Type of Workshop
Start May 4, 2013
Space Hacker Workshop for Suborbital ScienceMay 4, 2013May 5, 2013Mountain View
End May 5, 2013
Homepage: Eventbrite Registration Page
Venue: Hacker Dojo
City: Mountain View
State: CA
Country: USA
Min Cost: $100
Max Cost: $150

Do you have the Right Stuff to be a citizen scientist or citizen astronaut?

Find out at the first Space Hacker Workshop for Suborbital Science.

Citizens in Space has purchased 10 flights on the XCOR Lynx rocketplane, now under construction at the Mojave Air and Space Port, which will be made available to the citizen-science community. Citizens in Space is seeking 100 citizen-science experiments and 10 citizen astronauts to fly as payload operators.

This hands-on workshop will meet across the street (literally) from NASA Ames Research Center. There, we will learn how citizen scientists can build instruments and experiments with more power than a NASA satellite using components available at Radio Shack, Fry's Electronics, Makershed, Sparkfun, etc. The Space Hacker Workshop will provide hands-on exposure to a variety of microcontrollers, sensors, imaging systems, and other components that you can use to design and build microgravity, fluid-physics, life-science, and engineering experiments.

A representative from XCOR Aerospace will be on hand to discuss the capabilities and requirements of the Lynx spacecraft. Representatives from NASA, Infinity Aerospace, Nanoracks, and other companies will discuss suborbital science and practical space systems engineering for citizen scientists. Citizens in Space project manager Edward Wright will be on hand to discuss flight opportunities for experiments and citizen astronauts, including an exclusive glimpse at citizen-astronaut training activities scheduled for this summer.

Lunch will be provided. The event may sell out, so advanced registration is suggested.