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Hackers at CERNVisit the CERN in GenevaCERN,travelX22 February 2010 11:39:14
Hackerspace AwardsTo recognize innovations from hackerspaces and their membersAwardsX2 March 2010 18:36:27
Hackerspace HardwareBecause we canHardwareX1 September 2018 22:27:28
Hackerspace Retroshare BackboneRetroshare ( is a decentralised, friend-to-friend social network. High-uptime, locally-trusting nodes based in hackerspaces could help bootstrap an efficient inter-'space encrypted network even beginners can use.Anonymous, crypto, encryption, privacy, anarchism, decentralise, freedom, communication, social, network, interhackerspace, global, discussionX11 February 2014 12:49:00
Hackerspaces Global Space ProgramWhat would be the best way to build a starship able to reach the stars after decades of travel? This question is what has been asked by DARPA and NASA AMES in their “100 YEAR STARSHIP™ STUDY”. Our answer: a global consortium of Hackerspaces!Space stars development darpa 100yss grantX22 May 2012 05:02:59
Hackerspaces PassportTo allow hackerspaces to identify members from other spacesX10 September 2011 17:57:30
HackingResearchCoordinating Research Resources on Hackers and SpacesHackerspaces, research, resourcesX2 March 2018 00:55:03
Hacknight VideosVideo covering Hacknight speeches and interviewsPirate bay, pirate party, blackthrows, cypheractivism, mandos, flattr, net nuetrality, smile29, fraX5 July 2010 08:06:01
Help build a real CyberinstituteThere's a need for real cyber skills & R&D HubGCOEX27 May 2013 15:15:48
HexapodHexapodHexapodX5 May 2012 16:17:21
Home Automation HackingHome Automation, Wink Hub, Vue, GE, ZiGBee, Z-wave, Security, lights, electricity, smart energy, safe control.X2 September 2015 17:14:30
IP TV HackHack IP TVX13 February 2012 08:07:10
Iannone 3DX30 August 2017 08:28:41
Ideaworks Garden Sphere ProjectPlanning group for building the Open Source IKEA/Space 10 Growroom aka "Garden Sphere" in Fresno and competing in 59 Days of Code.Vertical gardening hydroponics sustainable coding water conservation drought self sufficient growingX30 July 2017 02:01:19
InclinePhysicsLearn and have funX21 July 2017 10:27:28
IntermeshTo free cyberspace from corporate and governmental dictatorshipInternet, mesh network, space program, communication satteliteX7 May 2012 22:56:41
James huffyThis guy is a fraudX13 December 2011 16:46:28
KenoNitroProjectTo hack Nature - by decoding a natural SourcecodePhilosophy, information, matter, mind, artificial intelligence, advanced nanotechnologies, systemtheory, metaphysicsX15 September 2013 06:03:47
Kiosk of Piracy OSSetup a Linux Live CD which runs "The Pirate Kiosk" (a Pirate Bay Clone).Copyfight, Linux, Live CDX21 September 2009 16:08:12
KlicqBizFSE501 Technology Entrepreneurship ProjectFSE501, Technology Entrepreneurship, DeCoTech, KlicqBizX24 November 2011 06:03:36
Kuaninj4sCause Mexican hackers are people t00. / Guanajuato community.X2 November 2010 12:55:28
LaBx - HackerSpaces@BordeauxHacklab and moreX2 February 2018 09:55:48
LaserCutterCutting Stuff With LightLaser, lazar, lazzzor, engraving, cutting, printingX3 September 2009 03:15:35
LockPicking(Looking) Behind Closed DoorsLockpicking, pick, lock, key, door, safeX27 October 2009 20:31:24
London Structural Sound ProjectSound, art, urban, community, london, contact microphones, DIY, arebyte gallery, hackney wickX21 April 2014 19:44:21
Love tech? Share your expertise w/kids as a summer instructor!Share your passion and expertise with kids in a fun and innovative environment.X19 March 2012 22:13:59
Make a 3d printer at homeX18 July 2017 15:14:29
MakerSchool.HKThe aim is to establish a hardware-focused equivalent of Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School) in Hong Kong.Maker, hardware, digital fabrication, diy, schoolX2 November 2016 16:15:40
MarquesiCómo preparar un MarquesiDrinksX27 December 2012 15:35:39
MicroControllersBuild Custom Computer for Specific PurposesMicrocontroller, fpga, arduinoX16 February 2012 02:27:35
MusicTank Mk.IIIA clean energy way of listening to you music wirelessly. Uses solar power to harness the power of electricity in a fun and useful way. The tank also functions as a small power generator offering 400 watts of 110v powerMusic, Energy, Solar, Tank, GreenX2 May 2011 09:57:01
MutuelleFaire du business??X24 April 2012 15:32:18
NanodeNanode is an open source, low cost platform allowing you to quickly develop web connected gadgetsArduino, Internet of Things, Smart Sensors, Pachube, ThingspeakX10 December 2011 16:28:19
Open Access Control for Hacker SpacesWe need flexible RFID locksRFID Wiegand26 ArduinoX12 November 2010 18:16:32
Open Source SaturdaysUse the combined hive mind of software geeks at all hackerspaces to work on open source projectsOpen source saturday softwareX28 June 2013 00:08:01
OpenBTSOpen Source GSM NetworkOpenbts, gsm, telephonyX11 October 2009 12:53:34
Oscilador controlado por fuerzaFcoArduino, Sensors, MusicX6 August 2015 13:04:48
PartKeeprManage electronics part inventoryElectronics inventoryX29 August 2011 20:01:53
Pizza Making MachinePizza Making MachinePizza, machine, make, cool, fun, hotX3 September 2009 02:53:28
ProcesosX6 February 2013 23:43:49
Project live chatNeedX14 August 2011 16:22:16
Project managementBasic project mangementPmpX9 April 2010 20:00:39
Protolab movilA project of training and dissemination of art and electronic culture and sustainable knowledge through the production of workshops, events and copyleft tutorials.InterdscX1 May 2012 21:26:27
RCCSReplicating the great work at Factor e Farm and improving upon itReplicating, resilient, fabrication, self-sufficiency, community, solar, steam, CEBX3 September 2009 07:52:05
Rad1oSDR for the people! The Rad1o badge was delivered to attendants of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 by a team from the MuCCC.SDR, CCCX1 September 2015 15:35:03
Recycle reminderTo make recycling a priorityRecyclingX21 January 2013 04:34:11
RepLab - the Open Source Fab LabTo free production...RepLab, Fab Lab, open source fab labX7 December 2009 14:48:30
RepRapMetalicaRap Metal powder 3D printer & solar cell printer, Help us improve.Fablab,reprap,self-replication,makerbot,usinetteX27 April 2011 19:15:17
Seltzer CRMWe need to track membershipsSoftwareX13 December 2014 15:42:55
SignalBecause we can... and for fun and non-profit, of course.Signal, radio, podcast, station, showX26 January 2013 02:00:31