Spectral Challenge

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Spectral Challenge
Type of Contest
Start March 15, 2013
Spectral ChallengeMarch 15, 2013May 31, 2013
End May 31, 2013
Homepage: Spectral Challenge
Country: Worldwide

Spectral Challenge is a call to makers, hackers, and Do-It-Yourselfers worldwide to tackle real-world environmental problems with low-cost, open source spectrometry.

What if there were an affordable device you could build yourself, take into your neighborhood and use to test for heavy metals, oil contamination, or other toxics, without needing to have a PhD or access to a lab?

Public Lab's open source spectrometer (http://publiclaboratory.org/tool/spectrometer) launched last year and is now in the hands of thousands of civic scientists. It is supported by a shared open source spectral data library at http://SpectralWorkbench.org so that everyone can analyze and share their data.

Spectral Challenge encourages and rewards folks who document easy and effective ways to use DIY spectroscopy to identify environmental contaminants -- visit http://spectralchallenge.org/ to learn more