THE Port - Hackathon at CERN

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THE Port - Hackathon at CERN
Type of Workshop
Start 2014/10/31
THE Port - Hackathon at CERN2014/10/312014/11/02Geneva
End 2014/11/02
Homepage: THE Port
Venue: CERN
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Important dates
Submissions due: 2014/08/11

Social /Humanitarian hackathon at CERN with topics inspired by members of Red Cross, Skyguide, United Nations and UNOSAT…

Organised by THE Port Association, hosted by CERN (IdeaSquare) and with partners from other non-governmental organisations, a three-day problem solving workshop hackathon will be devoted to humanitarian, social and public interest topics. Interdisciplinary teams of selected participants will work together in the fields of: communication - transport - health - science - learning - work - culture - data