Terabyte dinner device workshop

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Terabyte dinner device workshop
Type of Workshop
Start 2010/05/29
Terabyte dinner device workshop2010/05/292010/05/29Den haag
End 2010/05/29
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Revelation Space
City: Den haag
State: Zuid-Holland
Country: The Netherlands

On May 29th, 2010 the terabyte dinner device project invites interested parties to Revelation Space in The Hague, NL for a brainstorming and kick-off workshop to design the citizens answer to ACTA, internet monitoring, content filtering, net neutrality sabotage, criminalization of various behaviour and technology related to downloading and other dangers to the free exchange of content. We are taking the flow of information off-line again, out of reach of the content conglomerates. The return of the sneakernet, 2.0 stylee!

Invite some friends over for a nice meal, have them bring an external 1TB hard-drive each and hook them up to your Terabyte Dinner Device. Enjoy the food and the company, and when the evening ends each of you will have at least 750GB of new content, software or literature. All in crisp digital quality. And without leaving a trace that might implicate you for committing the horrendous crime of exchanging information.

At the eth0 summer event in August 2010 participants are invited to built their own TBDD, after which the first terabyte dinners may take place right there and then! Some of the more important design goals: easy to use (even your grandmother should be able to organise a terabyte dinner), using off-the-shelf components, easy to assemble, low energy consumption for terabyte picknicks in the park and a small form factor for maximum portability.

More information about the project, initiated by Revelation Space, the Hxx foundation and eth0, can be found on the revspace wiki.

If you are into embedded systems, electronics, product design, user interaction or just have a creative mind in general, please come over and join the revolution in content sharing!