To LABaki

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To LABaki
Status active
Country Greece
State or District Crete
City Herakleion
Date of founding 2011/06/21
Last Updated 2018-04-13
Snail mail

Voutes Campus
71003 Herakleion

Number of members 10
Membership fee Free
Size of rooms 24
Location 35.3083355°N, 25.0813726°E

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To LABakiHttp://tolabaki.grVoutes Campus71003HerakleionGreece2011/06/21To LABaki

When the philosophy of open source jumps from the hard disk to the physical world and gets mixed with imagination, cooperation, interaction and appetite for creative knowledge, that's when τοlabάκι helps to make it happen.

With an appetite for exploration and the spirit of the hacker, we analyze our world for maximum utilization, trying to overcome any barrier. Ideas and solutions to feed our mind or for direct application to everyday problems. τοlabάκι is a common meeting place for those who want to share their ideas for any techonological expression and beyond. In an environment of over-consumption, we learn to create our own (DIY), reusing what society considers trash.

Operational Model[edit]

In the equipment laboratory is a collection of what individual members bring with them. This equipment can be used by anyone to enhance your creations. We collaborate in an open and standard way, and we invite anyone who wants to help in this process in a spirit of cooperation.


We are in the Student Centre's first floor at the Voutes campus of the University of Crete. on OpenStreetMap