Transmediale 12 Open Calls

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Transmediale 12 Open Calls
Type of Contest
Start January 31, 2012
Transmediale 12 Open CallsJanuary 31, 2012February 5, 2012Berlin
End February 5, 2012
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: House of World Cultures
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Important dates
Submissions due: Deadline August 31
Notification: October 31

Thematic Call for Works 2012

The selected works will form part of our extensive exhibition, screening, performance and conference programme. Projects may also be entered for the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme (formerly Award), taking the form of a 2 month artistic research residency jointly run by tm and Universität der Künste in Berlin (UdK).

With the conceptual framework of in/compatible we are looking for artistic works in any genre and format that either explicitly or in more subtle ways engage the incompatible nature of contemporary technological cultures. We imagine that these works rather than anticipating resolution, address, accentuate and invest in the unresolved tensions across translocal media practices and systems. In particular we are calling for works take us by surprise by not quite "fitting in".

Works taken into consideration for the program can be related to the following keywords and areas: Dissensual aesthetics, hacktivism, operating systems, speculative realisms, queer technologies, strange ontologies, displacements, ecologies, psychedelia(s), glitches, spam, media-archaeologies, technological obsolescence, haunted media, reverse remediations, the untimely, erotics, ambivalences, tools, law, anxieties, confusions, violence, obscurities, junk, addictions, restlessness, user-unfriendliness, destructions, attractions, surveillance, accidents, dysfunctionality, isolation, punk, feedback as distortion, surrealisms, aggressiveness, the uncommon, frustrations, spiritualities, risks, dubious calculations, psychosis, uneven structures, crimes.

Read about the full conceptual framework, the application procedure and the Conditions of Entry: