Tsinghua Makers Day

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Tsinghua Makers Day
Type of Symposion
Start 2015.11.28
Venue: Tsinghua i.Center
City: Beijing
Country: China

As a leading role in engineering education in China, Tsinghua University is also a pioneer in introducing maker/hacker culture and community into a university. In 2013, the Hackers in Residence Program is released in Tsinghua i.Center, while on Nov. 29, 2014, Tsinghua Makers Day first came into being and was made an annual event on the last Saturday in November.

Flyer for Hackers in Residence Program in 2013

Tsinghua Makers Day is a combination of a series of events, including the International Forum on Makers and Education, Tsinghua Maker Carnival, Themed Hackathon, various forums and seminars, etc. In 2014, Mitch Altman released hundreds of balloons together with the Vice President of Tsinghua, Prof. Bin YANG, in the Inauguration of Tsinghua Makers Day. Meanwhile, makers from all around the world had discussions with local makers about how to revive the engineering education and entrepreneurship in China.

Felipe, Ben, and Mitch on Tsinghua Makers Day 2014
Mitch giving a talk on Tsinghua Makers Day 2014
Felipe talks to Syan, a PhD in social sciences studying in Tsinghua
Zimmer Barnes on Tsinghua Makers Day 2014