Tzvat 24th Annual Klezmer Festival

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Tzvat 24th Annual Klezmer Festival
Type of Party
Start August 15, 2011
Tzvat 24th Annual Klezmer FestivalAugust 15, 2011August 18, 2011Tzvat
End August 18, 2011
Homepage: 2011 - Tzvat Klezmer Festival
Venue: The hills of the great northern city of Ttzvat
City: Tzvat
Country: Israel
Min Cost: 0
Max Cost: 0

This whole little Village becomes a series of stages to some of the finest Klezmer music - Bill Clinton was invited, Woody Allen who plays clarinet would be a natural. Exactly what is Klezmer music? It's uplifting dance all-night wavy-gravy type stuff - with emphasis on reed instruments. It's a must do for backpackers, and trekkers from all over the globe. Come and enjoy the fun!